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Our Village Awakes' mission, is to create a safe and productive space for the youth and be a helping hand and cause to the community.


Our Village Awakes understand that an environment shapes your train of thought and way of living. Once our children are exposed to the streets, they are introduced to chances of involvement with drugs, crime, and violence. Community recreational centers are not available as they once were, and O.V.A. is taking the necessary steps to bring that substance back to our children because we know that it takes a village to raise a child, but first, we must awaken our village to rise up together to build a better village and to understand that it will take us to make the necessary changes in our homes and communities!


O.V.A. will be assistance to parents in need of household items such as diapers, children's clothing, and many other needs that come to our attention. O.V.A. will make itself available as needed, as events take place which affect our community. O.V.A. will partner with medical professionals to provide mental health assistance for individual and family counseling. O.V.A. will step up to the causes that arise in our communities.


O.V.A. will obtain and use its recreational space to allow children to be in their childhood essence and to keep them interacting positively with arts, home economics, sports, and more. The space will also be used for feeding the less fortunate rather it's for children or adults, by providing dinner nights, free breakfast, and community events. Community centers will develop in DeKalb County and then branch out to other counties.




















                                                                                                                                                                                              ~In-Visioned  by Nichelle Antonia' Taylor~

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